Omni Mal Agencies Sdn Bhd

Why Our Products?

Product Uniqueness

1. GOOD PROTECTION – Packed with good protection to keep products hygiene and from contamination.

2. NO PRESERVATIVE – Naturally preserved without using additive or preservative.

3. DELICIOUS TASTE – Select the high quality raw materials and seal in freshness so that you can enjoy the deliciousness and benefit from high nutrients.

4. CERTIFICATIONS – Certified with HACCP (RvA of Netherlands, Codex Alimentarius of Geneva), GMP, ISO9001:2008, and being the first and only dates certified with Halal by JAKIM.

5. AWARDS – Recognized with “The National Mark of Malaysian Brand” by Malaysian government; “The International Star for Quality Award” in Geneva; and “The Malaysian Exporter Leadership Award” by MATRADE.

6. TROUBLE FREE AND WORRY FREE - Our products can be stored in ambient environment.

7. LONGER SHELF LIFE - The result of good packaging and natural preservation, and can be sold all year round.

8. PRESENTABLE – Enjoyable for self-consumption, our products are also presentable as corporate gift, personal gift, door gift, wedding gift, festival gift, etc.

9. GOOD SELECTION - Many product series catering to different market segments - from premium to economic range. A truly One Stop Shopping for you!

Research & Development

Omni Mal corporates with local and overseas universities in doing research to find out the functional benefits of Omni Mal's products, and developing more new products for the customers.

After 3 years of research and human test, we have obtained our Gurun Emas Dates Syrup with The Low Glycemic Index Logo from the reputable University of Sydney and Glycemic Index Foundation in Australia.

Certificates & Awards

International Certifications

HACCP Codex Alimentarius, HACCP RvA, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 9001:2008, MeSTi


The National Mark of Malaysian Brand Award, The International Star for Quality Award (Geneva), Certificate of Achievement (SME Corp 5 Stars), Certificate of Participation (Anugerah Kecemerlangan Industry)

Certificate of Analysis

Passed SGS's 310 laboratory test on pesticides residue. None were detected