Omni Mal Agencies Sdn Bhd

About Us

Company Introduction

Establish in 1997, Omni Mal is an innovative company supplying quality dates/dried fruits in unique theme and concept. The products are marketed under “Gurun Emas” (Golden Desert), “Date-Licious", "Habbatus Qurma" and "Jendela Arab".

Omni Mal's value-add to dates come with special features and many are one of its kind in the market. For examples, Dates Soft Cake, dates coated with black cumin seed oil, dates inserted with creamy chocolate, and dates with cereal. Others include dates syrup, dates with almond, chickpeas, cashew nuts, walnuts, etc.

Certified with HACCP Codex, HACCP RvA, GMP, ISO and Halal, also being awarded with The International Star for Quality Award (Geneva), The National Mark of Malaysian Brand Award and Malaysian Exporter Leadership Award.

Market Penatration

Omni Mal's products distributed to 2,000+ outlets in Malaysia, and export to 9 countries in the world.


Corporate Video


"To liberate the consumers from the traditional offering of dates and dried fruits in the industry."


To be the dominant brand in the industry we operate within.

Brand Story

Message from CEO

Since my childhood, I enjoyed buying dates and other types of dried fruits from a small sundry shop besides my house. These dried fruits (especially dates) were in lump and sometimes with sands inside. I never understood why.

When I studied in America many years later, I had quite a few of Middle Eastern housemates who always shared with me dates and dried fruits every time they came back from home countries after summer holidays. Those dates were DELICIOUS – The texture was firmed and not sticky (dried from outside but moist inside). Its sweetness tasted NATURAL, and most of all – No Foreign Object!

I was impressed. My Arabic friends told me those were from the GOLDEN DESERT of their countries, and almost all quality dates were of that nature! I finally realized what went wrong to dates imported into Malaysia – low quality products coated with syrup!

I came back to Malaysia after my study and found out that despite of being away for all these years, there wasn't much change in the industry, where dates and dried fruits were still traded in the same quality and manner!

I started asking myself "what would happen in the event that some diseases (like H1N1) were to hit Malaysia during the month of Ramadan?" That could be disasterous…

The idea of me involving in this trade emerged. The deliciousness of the dates I ate before gave me inspiration of my first brand – "Date-Licious" – simply meant "Delicious Dates"! I travelled to Middle East in 1999 to learn about the trade and to visit my suppliers' farm and factory.

I tasted various species of dates and dried fruits. I visited GOLDEN DESERT and came up with another brand name – "Gurun Emas" with the tagline "What Dates Are All About" – spelling out my down-to-the-earth philosophy in the brand.

Today, both "Date-Licious" and "Gurun Emas" are popular brands in Malaysia! My brand story was also featured in "The Star" newspapers in 2011.

Over the years we've learned, tried, failed, then learned again, tried again the technique to handle dates/dried fruits products. Today we manage to CHANGE these products from its commodity nature to a branded product; INJECTUNG new challenges into the trade, BRINGING UP the consumers' AWARENESS of quality and hygienic dates, and PROVIDING more CHOICES to our consumers

Brand Philosophy

Creating a Super Brand in the industry where consumers can easily identify as quality, tasty and safe product that are properly and beautifully packed for many usages and occasions